The custom replacement cushion service allows you to renew the comfort and softness of your sofa that may be sagging by refilling removable cushions. Replacement cushions will give your sofa or armchair a new lease of life and will save you the expense and inconvenience of replacing your entire suite.

We offer the option of simply providing new inserts to fit your existing covers or, if you’re after a whole new look, we can replace the covers too.

The inserts are easy to install and will slot effortlessly back into your existing covers. Whether your cushions were originally filled with foam, feathers or fibre we can refill them using a filling of your choice and cover in a fabric to match your style.

Sound like what you need? We are here to help guide you through and achieve what you want.

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Not at all. If your inners still have lots of life and you just want a new look, we can just replace the covers. However, if your sofa cushions are sagging that is most likely to be because of the inners, in which case we would highly recommend replacing the inners.


Go to our help page for more guides on measuring.


Below are two examples of piped edged cushions. The scatter cushions show a knifed edge cushion with a piped edge and the stool shows a box cushion with a piped edge. Piping is created by wrapping your choice of fabric around upholstery cord which is then sewn into the seam.


Guide to providing your own fabric:

We will give you a guide on this, but we will need the following information:

Is there a repeat?
Is the fabric striped?
What width is your fabric?

If available, please include the following information about your fabric:

  • Supplier
  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Description

If you are using a different fabric for the trim [piping], please clearly indicate which fabric will be used for the piping.

If the fabric is doubled sided, please state clearly which side you would like to be the side which should be visible.

It is very important that you attach a copy of your invoice to your fabric so that we can match the fabric to you order. If you cannot send a copy of your invoice, please attach the following information to the fabric: your name, invoice number, shipping address, phone number, and e-mail address.


Please send your fabric to the following address:

Creative Upholstery

4-6 Keeling Road

We advise sending the fabric as a signed for item as we cannot take any responsibility for fabric lost in the post.

Choosing Fabric

Below are some fabric options for you to choose from.

You can also order a free sample of our fabrics by using this form here.

You can also view and choose fabric from our Fabric Page here.

A wide choice of fillings for you to choose from for any cushion project.Firm foam is recommended for Window Seats.

Soft Foam

Soft Foam is suitable for all indoor and outdoor back cushions. Providing a more defined shape than loose fillings, soft foam offers minimal maintenance and excellent recovery whilst still being soft and supportive. A perfect combination when combined with foam seats and which will be supplied covered in a dacron wadding to create a luxurious plump finish.

Recommended for: back cushions, daybeds & sofas

Medium Foam

Medium Foam is a perfect filling for sprung or slatted furniture such as on sofas, chairs and conservatory suites. It’s best suited to seats and offers a medium feel and good support but still has enough give to slightly sink into.

Our medium foam inserts can be cut to any size to slot straight into existing cushion covers and will be supplied covered in a dacron wadding to create a luxurious plump finish.

Recommended for: sofa seat cushions & chairs

Firm Foam

Firm foam provides a firm stable base giving increased support and excellent recovery, maintaining its shape for years. We will provide firm foam covered in a dacron wadding that rounds off the corners and creates a plump look achieving a more luxurious finish.

Recommended for: hard based seating such as window seats, stools, benches, chairs

QuickDryFoam – Outdoor

Medium QuickDryFoam® is specifically formulated for outdoor furniture and marine applications. QuickDryFoam has large open pores that permit maximum water drainage and air circulation allowing it to dry quickly after being wet.

In-built antimicrobial protection prohibits the growth of mould and fungus inside outdoor cushions even when left outdoors for long periods.
Recommended for: all outdoor cushions but also ideal for use under indoor cushions and mattresses where it helps promote air circulation to help prevent condensation.

Comfy Fill Fibre

Comfyfill consists of small balls of hollow, siliconised polyester fibres making it more comfortable, resilient and durable than Cushionfill.

Recommended for: Indoor back and scatter cushions

Feather Fill

Featherfill is 100% feather, the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Recommended for: seat and back cushions

Ergofill Fibre & Foam

Ergofill is a revolutionary seat and back cushion fill utilising specially cut foam mixed 50/50 with siliconised polyester fibre to give a feather and down look and feel, but with a much higher level of resilience and comfort. Ergofill is guaranteed for five years in domestic furniture.